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Get empowered to drive forward the sustainable change at Lufthansa Group.


As Green Mobility Trainee, you will work on different Lufthansa Group companies of your own choice. Gain the key skills that are needed to make the sustainable transformation happen.

The Lufthansa Group has contributed to the progress of the aviation industry. Now we want to lead it into a sustainable future. Collaboration across the industry will be key to creating that fundamental shift.

We are looking for talented people who think in integrated solutions and master diverse challenges. We have joined forces and designed a program to equip talents with exactly these skills.


To achieve our ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050 and cutting our net carbon emissions in half by 2030 compared to 2019, the Lufthansa Group is continuously implementing a wide range of innovative measures.

Modern Fleet

Fuel-saving air-crafts are currently the most effective lever for more climate-friendly flying.

New Fuels

Replacing fossil fuels with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) is the key to CO₂ neutral aviation.

OPS Efficiency

Optimizing flight operations on a daily basis helps to further reduce CO₂, and make flying more climate-friendly.


To reach net-zero carbon emissions, travelers must also be able to contribute. Simple and visible offers for CO₂-neutral flying are essential to this.


Railways and airlines should not compete but complement each other. Linking trains and flights intelligently protects the climate.


For aviation, sustainability not only means less CO₂, but also less waste and single-use plastic.


Block 1
Feb – Jul 2024

Meet your trainee colleagues and learn everything about your upcoming journey.
1st Lufthansa Group Project
Get up to speed and work on your first sustainability project for 6 months.
Development Track 1: Sustainability Masterclass
Expand your understanding of the complex field of sustainability within a 6 week online learning journey and gain insights to translate theory into your field of activity.
Exploration Track 1: GreenTech Summit
Connect, exchange and learn about relevant trends and technologies at fairs like GREENTECH FESTIVAL, Impact Festival etc.
Exploration Track 2: FutureTech
Go on a tour across Germany or other countries and get hands-on experiences of various sustainable mobility and logistics solutions like Hyperloop, sustainable aviation fuel, hydrogen planes, fuel cell trucks, drones etc.

Block 2
Aug 2024 – Jan 2025

2nd Lufthansa Group Project
Work on your second sustainability project for 6 months.
Development Track 2: Professional Skills
Expand your professional skills in story telling, pitch training, presentation skills and project management with our experts from LH Consulting.
Exploration Track 3: Impact of Science
Broaden your knowledge of state-of-the-art science that is needed to develop sustainable solutions. Visit various institutes or universities and zoom in on their visions of future tech.

Block 3
Feb – Jul 2025

3rd Lufthansa Group Project
Work on your third sustainability project for 6 months.
Exploration Track 4: GMT Team Project & Start-up Culture
Team up with your fellow GMT in a joint project, working for 2-4 weeks in an external start-up on a sustainable solution for Lufthansa Group.
Work on 3 different sustainability projects within your 18 months program
Deepen your understanding of the impact of science and experience cutting edge sustainability solutions
Expand your knowledge in the field of sustainability, pitch training, story telling and project management
Experience corporate & start-up environments


Get to know us and the challenges we want to tackle with you.
  • Lufthansa Airlines

    Lufthansa as the first choice for customers who want to fly more sustainably – that is my ambition.

    Jens Ritter CEO Lufthansa Airlines


    We are enthusiastic about travel: We connect people all over the world – to more than 200 destinations in 80 countries. Times change: sustainability is one of our core topics.


    We are transforming our fleet, product and processes while leveraging sustainable fuels – for which we are looking for the brightest innovators to join us.

  • Lufthansa Cargo

    More sustainable air freight – that is our goal.

    Dietmar Focke CHRO & COO Lufthansa Cargo AG


    With a turnover of 2.8 billion euros and a transport performance of 6.5 billion freight tonne kilometers in 2020, Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world's leading companies in the transport of air freight.


    Significantly lowering CO₂ emissions in freight transport – with the help of sustainable, alternative fuels and innovative technologies in the air and on the ground – is one of our greatest tasks.

  • Lufthansa Technik

    We innovate to help our customers achieve cleaner aviation.

    Sören Stark CEO Lufthansa Technik AG


    With our passion for aviation, we make the world take off. We are the leading provider of civil aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for commercial, VIP and special mission aircraft. “We are aviationeers” sums up our self-image of innovators and technoholics thinking aviation further into the future.


    We aim to operate one of the most efficient production networks in the aviation industry and continuously reduce our CO₂ footprint. By developing innovative products, we strive to make aviation more sustainable.

  • Lufthansa Systems

    Unleash IT’s Potential for Sustainable Skies!

    Stefanie Neumann CEO Lufthansa Systems


    With more than 25 years of experience and more than 350 customers of all sizes and business models, Lufthansa Systems is a market leader for IT solutions in the global aviation industry.


    Sustainability is the prime challenge in aviation. We need to use the full potential of IT and cooperation to achieve carbon neutrality.

  • Lufthansa Innovation Hub

    Sustainability will be the key differentiator for mobility in the future.

    Christine Wang Managing Director Lufthansa Innovation Hub


    The Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) is the digitalization spearhead of the Lufthansa Group and connects the world's largest aviation group with relevant players in the global travel & mobility tech ecosystem to create and capture value beyond flying.


    Compensation, efficiency & transparency. The LIH is working on innovative digital business models to make future travel more sustainable.

  • Lufthansa Consulting

    Social and environmental challenges in the aviation industry are of increasing importance to our consulting services worldwide.

    Hannes Müller Managing Director, Lufthansa Consulting GmbH


    As the independent consultancy of the Lufthansa Group, Lufthansa Consulting advises and supports its clients in developing sustainable and eco- friendly solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. This could involve fuel efficiency programs, green fares or the implementation of a more sustainable customer journey in the aviation industry.

    Join now and get to know the exciting world of an international management consultancy as a Green Mobility Trainee alongside diverse sustainability projects! Shape the future with us!


    Balancing strategies to meet the growing needs of the aviation industry, with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to reduce its future environmental footprint.

  • time:matters

    At time:matters, we're strongly committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and investing in a more sustainable future.

    Lars Krosch Chief Operating Officer time:matters


    We at time:matters are the experts for Sustainable High-Performance Logistics. And we love what we do! We transport urgently needed spare parts, life-saving stem cells and important documents, by air, rail and road quickly and reliably from A to B.


    Becoming carbon neutral – because there is no planet B.


We are looking for the innovation drivers of tomorrow who are passionate to accelerate sustainable solutions at Lufthansa Group.

Suitable candidates have finished their Master's degree in business, tech or any studies related to sustainability, mobility and transport. First-hand experience in the sustainability space is an important plus.


01 August 2023
Start of application process:
You start your application with a gamified online test provided by our partner Aivy. With your test result you can apply online and fill out a brief questionnaire.
02 September 2023
End of application process:
Please note: we will close the application channel on the 2nd of September or once we have received 400 applications. We recommend checking the number of free application slots on a daily basis. Make sure to upload all documents and submit your Aivy ID on time.


11 September 2023
Start of the interviews:​
We will conduct video interviews within the following 5 days. Please ensure to be available during these days.
18 September 2023
Evaluation starts:​
We will review which applicants best fit our program and let you know if you made it to the next round.


25 September 2023
All invitations to our applicant days will be sent out:​
Excited to meet you for the applicant days.​
Applicant Days:​ 16, 17 or 19 October 2023
A whole day where we get to know each other. Learn what we can offer and show what you’ve got.​ Your applicant day will be on 16, 17 or 19 October 2023. Important to note: The applicant days will only be held on those three days. Please keep these dates free as we are unable to offer alternative dates.
20 October 2023
Decision Day:​
We will choose 10 talents and send them our offer to join us on the Green Mobility Journey.
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Applications are closed
Download Checklist Read carefully through the application summary! Don't let missing information become a showstopper.


  • What is unique about the Green Mobility Trainee program?

    What distinguishes the trainee program from other trainee programs out there is that sustainability is at the very center of the program. GMT focuses throughout the whole journey on implementation and impactful action to push sustainable change at Lufthansa Group. GMT offers opportunities to broaden one's horizon and explore diverse ecosystems like science, start-up culture and corporate world. GMT is part of our sustainability movement to #MakeChangeFly.

  • Which Lufthansa Group companies are taking part in the Green Mobility Trainee program?

    GMT is a group-wide initiative. On top of the mentioned subsidiaries all Lufthansa Group companies are taking part. Special feature: You choose the subsidiaries and business units in which you would like to have your practical project assignments.

  • Where are fields of action regarding sustainability Lufthansa is already working on?

  • Can I choose my sustainability projects?

    Each trainee will get the chance to review all submitted projects a 6 to 8 weeks before the starting period of new projects. You can then indicate your 3 priorities for each assignment period. We will guarantee that you get your priority project at least once. For the other 2 projects we will try our best to consider your priorities in coordination with the departments and subsidiaries. However, from our experience we were always able find a good solution for all parties involved.

  • What will I earn during the trainee program?

    The salary is € 56000 per year.

  • How many vacation days will I have, and can I choose my vacation without any limitations?

    You will receive an annual leave of 24 days per year. From our experience, vacation is best taken between project periods, to ensure easy transition at the end or before the start of each project.

  • Is there a guarantee of employment after the program?

    The contract is an unlimited contract. We encourage you to look for a suitable job offer in the last 4-6 months of the program. We will support you with a CV book and our network.

  • Who can apply for the program?

    Basically, everyone with a Master's degree. It is important that you have a Master's degree certificate at the beginning of the program. Until then, a confirmation from the university about your study progress is sufficient.
    Sustainability knowledge or experience is a big plus. Please be specific about how you gained your knowledge and experience (bachelor thesis, master thesis, university courses, internship, job, etc.).

  • What is the application process for the Green Mobility Traineeship?

    1. You start your application with a gamified online test provided by our partner Aivy. With your test result you can apply online and fill out a brief questionnaire.
    2. Are we a good fit? After you have passed the tests, the next stage is the video interview.
    3. If we feel that we would be a good fit for each other, you will be invited to attend one of our applicant days.
      Important to note: the applicant day for you will only be held on October 16, 17 or 19, 2023.
      Please keep these dates free as we are unable to offer alternative dates.
  • When will I be informed about the online test result?

    We will wait until all applicants have taken the online test and have sent us the application, then get back to you by 7 September 2023 with an invitation to the video interview if the online assessment was successful.

  • How can I prepare for the video interview?

    The goal is to get to know each other. Give us insights into who are you as a person and into your motivation why the traineeship is exactly what you want to do. Naturally, we also want to give you the opportunity to get to know the program and the different subsidiaries so feel free to bring in your own questions. You will receive information prior to the interview with more details about the Lufthansa Group representatives you will talk to.

  • How will the application day proceed?

    After you have met the program managers Susanne and Elena and our psychologists, a computer test is on the agenda for you.
    After a break, you will continue with a psychological interview, a role play and a presentation for which you will be given some preparation time.
    Of course, there are enough breaks to have a look at some typical sustainability projects, have something to eat, drink, talk or relax.
    Throughout the day, trainees and program management are on hand to answer questions.
    We've known you, your application for weeks and can't wait to finally see you in person in Frankfurt!

  • How can I prepare for the applicant day?

    We already know your CV very well, now we are interested in the person behind it!
    Do you have special interests, are there topics you're passionate about, do you have certain attitudes and convictions, what inspires you? Tipp: you are most convincing when you know yourself well.
    In addition, we recommend that you take a close look at the program, its schedule and content.
    We have a lot of plans to become carbon neutral by 2050. What in particular do you bring to the table to help us achieve this?

  • The second generation GMT is a Lufthansa Group Edition. Why?

    In 2023 and 2024, there will be several HR initiatives in the Lufthansa Group happening to concentrate the entire talent power on the topic of sustainability: 150 employees in a group-wide internal talent program, over 10 ProMaster Sustainability and 10 Green Mobility Trainees will help us accelerate our #MakeChangeFly movement. That's why we decided to tailor this year's edition to the Lufthansa Group environment.